Nov 06 2014

Is this the Winter of dissing Content Marketing?


What is Content Marketing? Many marketers throw around the term leaving their customers none the wiser.

The simple explanation is that with websites, blogs and social channels, businesses and organisations have become publishers. They need to populate their communications platforms with relevant content that is of interest to their audience.

When people are looking to purchase your products or services, the first port of call is now online. They want to see who you are, what you do and most importantly, what other people think of it. This is where a content led approach comes into its own.

Not only does great content communicate your company values, highlight the great things you do, and educate your audience on the benefits of doing business with you rather than your competitors; it assists you in search performance. Great content that is engaged with positively will perform better in search results, supporting any SEO or PPC activity.

As a business you have three main channels to communicate with your audience:

  1. Owned Media – your website, blog & social platforms
  2. Earned Media – coverage appearing from promotional or PR led approach
  3. Paid Media – Advertising or paid content placement

Key to all of these channels is getting the right content for the right audience and platform. By content this could be a PR pitch, media release, images, videos or Apps. While you would never dream of calling a journalist badly prepared with a poor pitch, you should treat your own channels with the same respect. Why are people visiting your channel, what do they expect to see, and how are you adding value in return for the time they are spending on your site.

Every company wants their content to go viral, this is seen as the new success factor. However that is not always the best result for your business. Sharing an amusing video of a man tripping into a lake may get lots of shares and comments, but what value has it added to your business? Are the people sharing the video your target audience? What take away about your products or services have they been left with? Have they in any way been driven towards a sales conversion?

It is this context that we promote to our clients, your content needs to be relevant to your business, highlight your expertise and educate your audience. Having 5 likes from people looking to purchase your products/services is more valuable to your business than 20,000 followers with no interest.

This targetting is key to our approach, and why we always kick off any strategy development with a comprehensive messaging workshop. This allows the identification of your target audiences and the formation of targeted strategies to engage them.

The key to any marketing or communications activity is to not only increase brand awareness, but also drive to convert any activity into sales. Content marketing is great for this, but requires a focused and strategic approach.

Will McIntyre

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