Jul 28 2014

Feeling anti-social?


One of the biggest challenges I get from smaller business owners is ‘what will Social Media do for my business?’ This is both an easy and a difficult question to answer as social media delivers different benefits to business at many different levels.

As we (should) all know a content led social media strategy delivers SEO benefits as the search engines move more and more towards semantic search. They want to direct visitors to pages that offer relevant and interesting/engaging content. So a post with more likes, plusses and comments will ultimately rate higher than one with lower levels of engagement.

Social also delivers a method for people to get a handle on your company, its ethos and the people that work there. This is not only important for the selling of goods, but the attraction of top talent into your business. Social is now the first place job hunters go to research potential employers.

Social also allows you to talk about what you do, highlight why you may do things better than your competitors and provide customers a reason to get in touch. I often tell clients though that social is not all about talking about yourself, more importantly it  allows you to listen to what your customers are saying.

It is this listening that I believe is the most compelling reason to engage with social, even on a small scale. Your customers and potential customers will be discussing their needs, wants triumphs and frustrations online. You should be listening and engaging in these conversations. If you are not there, you can guarantee that at least one of your competitors will be, picking up the competitive advantage this insight gives them and first on hand to offer a solution if your customers experience difficulties.

Surely this alone makes it worthwhile getting in on the conversation! So don’t feel anti-social, drop us a line and see what we can do to help your business.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Will McIntyre

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