Nov 17 2014

Facebook Changes Algorithm …Again


Facebook has recently announced that it will be changing its algorithm again, meaning from January 2015 people will see less posts promoting sales, competitions or app downloads in their newsfeeds. Facebook previously clamped down on companies incentivising likes, i.e. like our page to enter, but this new move takes things a step further.

So why has Facebook made these changes and what does it mean to businesses relying on the social network for referral traffic?

Firstly any social marketer should already be on the ball around the issue of content. Facebook ceased to be a free marketing platform quite some time ago, however the paid promotion model has seen user’s feeds cluttered with promotional ads. This has not gone down well with the majority of users who view their newsfeed, quite rightly, as their personal space.

Many organisations have employed techniques such as sales, competitions and exclusive deals to attract and grow their Facebook communities, however now their organic reach (unpaid views) has plummeted due to the paid model and this is set to only reduce with the new algorithms coming into play.

Facebook is going to penalise companies relying on promotions or sales based content, even on promoted posts. Why? Because it wants businesses to make more effort in making their brand pages engaging and entertaining, and less intrusive and sales focused to its users.

Facebook’s value relies on growing its user base, and users viewing their advertisers content. By forcing businesses to make better content, they can increase the views and make more money – a pretty simple concept.

So how do you make this work for your company?

The first step is to understand your community and what it expects of your brand. This is something that a remarkable number of companies get wrong. What does your brand stand for, and what is the story you are trying to tell. Establish this and it will then guide your entire content strategy through marketing, PR, advertising and social.

The second step is to get creative, how can you tell your story in new, interesting and engaging ways? How can you make people want to get involved in your story? Think laterally, social is not just photos and funny videos, think how you can bring different mediums to play to make you social footprint educational while entertaining to establish your brand.

I don’t think this is the end of social competitions and giveaways, not by a long shot. But I do hope that it leads to more creative and content rich executions.

If you would like to hear more about our approach the drop me a line or comment with your thoughts below.

Will McIntyre

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